Project subjects

One of the peculiarities of the “Architectural Challenge” is the project subjects and their publication.

The subject will be disclosed at the beginning of the 72 hours count-down, in order to not favour any participant.

The subject will be drawn among the selected proposed themes.



Object of the competitions

The subjects suitable to be selected are related to small dimension areas that can be renewed with simple projects without big investments, but with the right brilliant idea. The aim is to demonstrate that with little money is possible to make the city nicer; that with few punctual and strategic changes is possible to improve the city quality life.


The main objectives of the Tournaments are two: first to offer to the participants the possibility to deal with projects of different nature and have fun doing it. Secondly to invert the process, confronting the projects with their designers, to offer new ideas in order to solve problems and demonstrate what it could be possible.

It could be possible to choose areas of particular interest for their centrality and visibility, to the detriment of the project feasibility: Striking and evident examples of that transformation that your project should promote.

Vice-versa you could propose very concrete subjects. We hope to receive new proposal of possible place that need to be renewed and improved.

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