Promoters & Characteristic

Everything start by a thought…

…repeated over and over…

…i mean, everytime we met a little square, a public garden, a bus shelter, walking around the town, we wonder:

“it would take just a little…an idea, that’s it…and this tiny spot gets to be a comfortable place to stay…an idea, nothing more…”

And no. Not  talking about evident construction sites, not about public works, anything already planned to built up. We talk about all that pieces of reality whom stand by themselves, little spots left aside ‘cause related to a poor, old way of thinking public areas.

…and here we start to play, fellows knights!

This contest reach to increase the value of degraded town areas, which waiting just a smart idea to become likable urban places. We choose no subject that will be built up for real. Also we focus in a short time the project period. That allow participants to go in for just creativity, and no spent so much time and crafts.

Contest’s subject shall not released before the registrations end, ‘cause the contest itself lasts only one weekend. Then, projects must be delivered 72 hours after the subject release.

Officina06 is solemn committed to set up expositions of the best projects on the very same places they’re designed about.

It’s a kind of taunt. And if it worth just to sensitize public awareness, well, it would be enough.

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